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Internships and Master Thesis Projects at Flower⚡

We offer a wide range opportunities for students to be a part of our internship program at Flower, to join us part-time during the studies as well as to write a Master Thesis project with us!


Internship Testimonials

  • During my internship, I have had the opportunity to analyze different markets and expansion possibilities within a truly inspiring and fast-changing industry. Working autonomously and together in teams to deliver and present strategic key findings to the whole company, with continuous support from knowledgeable and welcoming colleagues, has been very rewarding!

    Olof Gustavsson

    Market Analyst Intern

  • Flower provides a supportive and fast-paced environment where learning is a priority. In a start-up such as this, there are always new possibilities and activities to be involved in. During the internship, it was especially encouraging knowing that everyone's individual interests were considered and that there were always supportive colleagues willing to share their knowledge.

    Catarina Almeida

    Market Analyst Intern

  • My Summer internship was the perfect tech start-up experience as a student, thanks to my supportive colleagues and the positive environment. Working towards solving one of the energy transition's most complex and important problems was extremely rewarding. It always felt like we were at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

    Benjamin Åstrand

    Market Analyst Intern

  • I never thought I would learn so much in such a short time as I did at Flower during my internship. Working in a start-up environment was really fun, and even though I only were there for a few weeks I felt that my work really made a difference. Together with the other interns, we choose our own methodology to achieve the goal, giving us a lot of freedom in the work process. At the same time, the Flower team was really supportive and guided us to make the best result possible.

    Ebba Wikström

    Market Analyst Intern

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my Summer internship at Flower and gathered invaluable knowledge. The internship was very well-organized and the days were filled with interesting tasks. A shoutout to my wonderful colleagues who contributed to a warm atmosphere.

    Stephan Nieto

    Market Analyst Intern